Sunday, 28 May 2017


This post will be about specifying a timeline for my work this summer. As I mentioned in the introductory post the work will be about implementing support for higher dimensional arrays in the interval package. To begin with I have divided the work into 5 different parts:

1. Construction and Printing

This part will be about implementing functions for creating and printing arrays. It will mainly consist of modifying the standard constructor and all the different functions used for printing intervals so they can handle higher dimensional arrays.

2. Vectorized Functions

Here I will work on generalizing all functions supporting vectorization to also support arrays of higher dimensions.

3. Folding Functions

Here I will work on generalizing all functions implementing some sort of folding to support higher dimensions. By folding I mean taking a multidimensional array as input and returning an array of lower dimension. Examples of these functions are $sum$, $prod$ and $dot$.

4. Plotting

I'm not sure what support Octave has for plotting higher dimensional arrays, but if there are some functions which could also be useful for intervals I will try to implement them here.

5. Documentation

I'll write the documentation alongside the rest of the work. In the end I will try to add some usage examples and integrate it better with the standard documentation.

So these are the parts in which I have divided my work in and the timeline will be

  • Phase 1 (30/5 - 30/6)
    • Week 1: Setting up
    • Week 2-3: Construction and Printing
    • Week 4: Vectorized Functions
  • Phase 2 (3/7 - 28/7)
    • Week 5: Continue on Vectorized Functions 
    • Week 6-7: Folding Functions
    • Week 8: Plotting
  • Phase 3 (31/7 - 25/8)
    • Week 9: Continue on Plotting
    • Week 10-11: Documentation
    • Week 12: Finishing up!

My first week will be rather short since I have an exam due in the middle of the week. After that I will also be away for a week not working on the project, I have no counted that week in the timeline above.

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