Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The first day and my repository

Yesterday I handed in the last exam for the semester(!) and today I started to work on the project full time. I begun by setting up a repository for my code. At the moment I have only cloned the interval package, I'm still to make my own changes to it.

I started to read the constructor for intervals to see how it works. While doing that I realized that there is much less to do than I thought. The constructor can actually handle creating intervals from numerical arrays of any dimension. The function displaying the interval can only handle up to two dimension but if you look at the internal state it actually has more dimensions. It is not perfect though, it does not work for decorated intervals and it cannot handle strings and cells as input. But still, it makes it much easier for me.

I will continue to work and hopefully I have actually committed something by the end of the week. Next week I will be away but after that I will code for the rest of the summer.

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